Monday, 6 September 2010


Nominations have closed for the Woolavington By-Election scheduled for September 30th. All 3 Sedgemoor parties are each standing a candidate and leaflets have already been hitting doormats.

Ian Tucker - Campaigning in the Community for the Community
   Labour , who have held the Woolavington seat since 1991 , are fielding hardworking local activist Ian Tucker ,  pictured here campaigning hard for town centre swimming. Christine Lavers, who held the Woolavington seat for Labour at every election from 1991 until her husband Roger took over the mantle on 2007, has given her  endorsement to  Ian saying "Ian Tucker cares for the local community, he is involved in many campaigns to ensure that the voice of the local community is heard and would make an excellent representative for Woolavington"

The Conservatives -who have failed to win in Woolavington since 1983, are fielding Alison Hamlin, the candidate beaten by Roger Lavers in 2007, whilst the Lib Dems, who only occaisonally manage to stand a candidate in this ward, have now entered the fray with new recruit Tina Marsh at a time when people are turning away from the Lib Dems in droves because of the national coalition with the Conservatives.

Cllr Brian Smedley, secretary of the Labour Group on Sedgemoor District Council, said "Tory control of SDC is assured if they win or lose an extra seat. They are a virtual one party state here and so what is needed is a strong opposition. The fact that Labour won and held Woolavington for all these years is a real thorn in their side. It's one of Sedgemoors most marginal seats and we need everyone to turn out and maximise the Labour vote so we can keep up the pressure on the Tories. Lets face it, the Lib Dems - in national coalition with the Tories and despite kidding people they were deadly enemies before the last election, are really no alternative and now risk splitting the vote."

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