Thursday, 30 September 2010


Labour activists hear the result
The month long Woolavington By-election caused by the death of Sedgemoor Labour Leader Roger Lavers has ended in a victory for the Conservatives

LibDem leader Joe Leach
Tory leader McGinty now has a 24 seat majority
Woolavington, which has been Labour since 1991 and traditionally one of Sedgemoor closest marginals, was grabbed by Tory candidate Alison Hamlin while the intervention of a surprise LibDem canddiate for the first time  in 15 years resulted in a split opposition vote which combined would have kept the Tory out.

The political balance on Sedgemoor District Council has now shifted even more in favour of strengthening the Tory majority giving them 37 out of 50 seats with Labour down 1 to 10 and the Lib Dems still on 3..

The Turnout was 33.4%  on a dull rainy day and after dark the final hours saw almost no one turn up to vote  as can be see from the action picture of the Polling station staff.(left)

The final result
ALISON HAMLIN (Conservative)  264
TINA MARSH         (Lib Dem)         184
IAN TUCKER         (Labour)           141

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  1. And STILL the Lib Dem's don't get it! Why do they bother? They merely ensure that the Tory gets elected EVERY time.

    This could have been seen as a referendum on whether or not the Tory run SDC was delivering what the people of Sedgemoor actually wanted, and could have been a bloody nose for them over issues such as the Splash closure. But no! They can now say that despite their "Tough decisions" the electorate are on their side! The General election proved the adage, Vote YELLOW, Get BLUE". This merely confirms what a wasted vote a Lib Dem one actually is! Woolavington has lost a good local Councillor and he has been replaced by yet another Tory Sheep. Will they do their best for Woolavington? I doubt it. It will be more of the "Follow the herd" mentality, replacing local representation for patronage.