Friday, 24 September 2010

Labour support in Woolavington 'Looking Good'

Labour candidate for the Woolavington By-Election - now only a week away on September 30th, Ian Tucker has been out and about canvassing in the village and has met with a  positive response.

Ian says "I tend to spend a lot of time talking to people so I can understand what issues really matter to them and so far the reaction has been great. People want to talk and I want to listen, learn and help them"

Ians election leaflet has been delivered to every hosuehold now and he is quietly confident. After a typical days canvassing he told us " Today the returns were  Labour 21 (plus another 5   I am fairly sure will vote Labour )  Lib Dem 1,  Tory 0, Don't know yet 20,  Will not vote 2,   P***  Off Party 1!"
Ian having a 'tea break' in Woolavington with Sedgemoor Labour group leader Kathy Pearce and agent Shaun O Byrne

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